General Contractors in NC must complete Continuing Education to renew a license.

High Point Area Builders Association is offering SIX dates to assist GCs in meeting this requirement during 2021.  Each day will include a full 8-hours of approved instruction including the 2-hour mandatory course and 6-hours of electives (2-hour and 4-hour courses).  GCs may sign up for the full 8-hours or for any individual course(s).


  • HBA Members  (HPABA will honor membership in any HBA, with verification.)
    • 8-hours = $150
    • 4-hours = $75
    • 2-hours = $37.50
  • Non-HBA Members (Non-Members will receive a discount on membership if they join when registering or prior to class.)
    • 8-hours = $180
    • 4-hours = $90
    • 2-hours = $45

Dates (click on date to proceed to list of courses and registration):

  • Virtual Class —  Tuesday, February 9, 2021  Completed
  • Virtual Class — Wednesday, February 17, 2021  Completed
  • Virtual Class — Wednesday, June 16, 2021  Completed
  • Virtual Class — Wednesday, August 18, 2021  Completed
  • In-Person Class — Tuesday, October 12, 2021  Completed
  • In-Person Class — Tuesday, November 16, 2021
    • 8:00am:  2021 NCLBGC Mandatory CE (2-hr Annual Requirement)
    • 10:30am:  Asbestos and Lead Awareness (2-hr Elective)
    • 1:30pm:  Building Codes (4-hr Elective)

To download a paper registration form, click Registration Form for CE.

For Reference:  Visit the NC Licensing Board for General Contractors @ for full details about CE.

General Statute 87-10.2 states that North Carolina licensed general contractors will be required to complete continuing education (CE) beginning with 2021 license renewals.

If you did not take CE during 2020, you cannot renew your license for 2021 until you do.  Your window to do so is from January 1 – February 28, 2021.  The 2-hr 2020 Mandatory course may only be taken online via the Licensing Board.  The remaining 6-hrs can be taken with us prior to the end of February.  If you complete these 8-hrs, you still need an additional 8-hrs during 2021 to renew your 2022 license.


  • For 2021, CE courses begin on January 1, 2021.
  • 8 hours of CE must be completed in order to renew a license by at least one qualifier for licensees in the license classifications of Building, Residential and Unclassified.  For the Unclassified license, it shall be the qualifier who has passed the Building examination.
  • The 8-hour course requirement includes a mandatory 2-hour course produced by the Board with information about changes in the laws and rules and other content applicable to general contracting.
  • The remaining 6 hours will be elective courses produced by outside providers, submitted to and approved by the Board.


  • The CE year begins January 1 and ends on November 30 annually.
  • Classes will not be offered during the month of December.