NOTE:  In an effort to be fiscally responsible (and to keep from increasing dues), we are now offering DUAL PRICING (a CASH/ACH price and a Credit Card price).

The Cash/ACH price is discounted and reserved for when payment is made by check (paper), money order, or cash (in-person only).  Payment by ACH online is coming soon and will be available when you click the PAY NOW button below.

The Credit Card price is used when payment is made with any kind of credit/debit card (online, over the phone, or in-person).

If you are using this link to pay an invoice that does not already have the dual payment options added:

  • The Cash/ACH price is listed on the invoice.  To pay this amount only, please leave this page and mail a check/money order to our office (155 Northpoint Ave, Ste 200A, High Point, NC  27262).
  • The Credit Card price is the amount listed on your invoice, plus  3% of the total.  If your invoice does not show dual pricing, please multiply your invoice total by 3%, add that amount to the total, and type the new total into the invoice amount line and proceed with your credit card information.  After May 1, 2023, all newly generated invoice will list the dual pricing for you.

If you have any questions about this new policy or how it works, please contact the office at 336-885-5687 or

Thank you for understanding.